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Friday, July 18, 2014   The West Deptford Police Department has launched a new website. Be sure to check it out here. 



Fumes Calls

Thursday, July 17, 2014   Since Monday July 14th Thorofare has had an increased called volume for reports of a "natural gas like odor" outside. Callers report a strong natural gas smell outside and as the fire company arrives the pocket of air containing the odor has passed and we are unable to locate the source. The calls tend to be in the afternoon of warmer days. Crews have been in contact with the local refineries where they report no releases of natural gas or any other releases.

The fire company is very aware of this situation and is attempting to find the source. The odor has been detected between Crown Point Rd. and as far over as Kings Highway. Should you smell natural gas in or around your home dial 9-1-1. Do not attempt to investigate by yourself. We do not believe this is associated with the Johnson Matthey explosion from earlier last week. This passing odor appears to pose no current threat to the public. Once we learn more information about the odor and it's source we will pass it along. Thank you.



3 Calls in a Night for Thorofare

Sunday, July 13, 2014   At around 1814 the township stations were dispatched to 370 Grove Ave to the Rivercove Aparments for a reported building fire. Reports of the smell of something burning on the 3rd floor. The crew of 614 investigated and found a light smoke condition inside a 3rd floor apartment from an accidental cooking incident. Crews ventilated the apartment and all residents returned. 

At around 2252 station 6-1 & 6-2 were dispatched to 295 IAO mile marker 22.8 southbound for a MVC with entrapment. BLS 8255 arrived and discovered an SUV on its side with negative entrapment. The crews of 613 & 628 assisted with patient packaging and helped clear the highway.

At around 2334 station 6-1 was dispatched to Kings Highway and Moore Rd for a MVC. Crews discovered a car into a ditch. 613 assisted the BLS with patient packaging and went available. 



Dump Truck Overturns on Rt. 295

Monday, July 7, 2014   Just after Noon Rescue 628 and Rescue Engine 613 along with BLS 8255 and LifeSupport 1 were dispatched to Rt. 295 IAO exit 23 for a reported dump truck overturned. 8255 arrived and confirmed one tri-axle dump truck on its side and had dumped his load. Crews arrived and placed dykes around a local storm drain where 10 gallons of diesel had already spilled into the drain and attempted to stop any more from entering. Crews utilized the dirt from the load to soak up additional diesel fuel. A vacuum truck was called in to remove diesel from storm drain. For a time only one lane of travel was open on 295 south until state workers were able to remove the dirt from the highway. Crews remain on scene at the request of NJSP until the truck was up righted. Crews remained on scene for over 3 hours.



July 4th Parade

Friday, July 4, 2014   614 Celebrated Independence Day in the Paulsboro Parade. These pictures were sent to us by a Facebook follower.

We hope Everyone had a Happy and Safe Independence Day!



West Deptford Police Safety Award

Thursday, July 3, 2014   West Deptford Police Department will be issuing "tickets" to children seen wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle. The police department in an effort to promote helmet safety while riding a bicycle will be handing out tickets which include a free treat coupon provided by our local Wendy's Restraunt.

No matter what your age or level of experience, whenever you ride a bike, in-line skate, ski, or engage in other activities during which your head is vulnerable to injury, a helmet should be worn. In fact, many states now have laws that require helmet use.

Wearing a bike helmet reduces the risk of serious head and brain injury by 85%. Helmets should be worn during every ride, no matter how short. Many accidents happen near home.

West Deptford Police Facebook page



Fire in Attic of Apartment Building

Thursday, July 3, 2014   District 6 was dispatched to Red Bank Run Apartments to building "L" for a reported building fire. The caller reported the odor of something burning in a neighboring apartment. 6302 arrived with smoke showing from the roof. 626 arrived and laddered the building upon further investigation a fire in the attic space above the apartments was located. Crews stretched an 1 3/4 handline to the attic and 613 laid 5" supply line to 626. Additional manpower was brought in for the over haul. Crews remained on scene for just over an hour. The fire is under investigation by the WDFMO. 

Also on scene: 628, 631, 666 RIT: 511, 1311 BLS: 8255, 8315



Rescue Engine Handles Car Fire

Thursday, July 3, 2014   Crews were dispatched to area of Mantua Grove Rd. & Forrest Parkway for a reported car fire. 6103 arrived on scene and confirmed a fully involved single car with all occupants accounted for. 613 arrived and stretched a single 1 3/4 handline and made a knock of the fire. Crews made access to the engine compartment and cargo trunk. Crews also knocked a fuel fire under the vehicle with a dry powder extinguisher and prevented the fuel from accessing local storm drains. Crews remained on scene till the tow truck arrived. The fire is under investigation by the WDFMO. 



MVC with Entrapment

Thursday, June 26, 2014  Rescue Engine 613 was dispatched to Crown Point Rd. & Mantua Grove Rd. for a reported motor vehicle crash with entrapment. BLS arrived and advised they were going to need a door removal and possibly a dash lift. 613 requested an additional rescue engine out of 6-6 (Greenfields). 613 arrived and stabilized the vehicle and began a  removing the door with spreaders. The victim was removed by BLS and transported to Cooper Trauma with ALS. One other patient was transported to Inspira Medical Center in Woodbury. Crews were on scene for about 30 mins. Also on location 663, 8235, The crash is being investigated by WDPD. 



Transformer Fire at West Deptford Energy

Wednesday, June 25, 2014  Around 16:00 hours, station 6-1 was dispatched to West Deptford Energy on Paradise Rd. For a reported transformer on fire. 6101 arrived to find a very large industrial transformer with fire on top approximately 20' up. 6101 requested the district 6 box and special requested 932 out of Deptford Twp., with their dry chemical system. Power to the unit was disconnected and secured by the plant staff. The fire was extinguished using ladder 626 and engine 932. Crews remained on scene for about an hour. The fire is still under investigation.  



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